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free xbox gift cards no survey

Working Methods To Get Free Xbox Gift Card Codes

If you are looking for free Xbox gift cards, then you have come to the right website. We have summarized many methods by using which you can get free Xbox gift cards. You can try all the method given in the article, or if you want to get it fast, you can try online generator website given in the article.

Methods to get free Xbox Gift Cards

There are many methods to get Xbox gift cards, but we have categories them in a category which can take a look. There are four types of categories from where you can get free Xbox gift card; they are as follows

  1. With your Xbox console
  2. With GPT websites
  3. With GPT apps
  4. With online generator website

xbox gift cards no human verification


  1. With your Xbox Console

  1. Get a new Xbox Account
  2. Get a bonus with Xbox console
  3. Activate Xbox live trial (if it is never used before)

Get a new Xbox Account

If you want free Xbox account, then you can create a new Xbox account using your Xbox console. It will give you one-month free Xbox live gold membership account. Do not forget to cancel trial Xbox live membership account before finishing the month. By using this method, you will be able to get one-month free Xbox live codes. You can follow these steps to avail the one-month trial

  • Open your Xbox console and log in to your account
  • Navigate to your subscription page
  • Click on Xbox Live Gold membership
  • Add your credit cards details for registration and fill out your address
  • Follow onscreen tips to complete the registration
  • Voila! Now check your subscription page it should show – Xbox live gold membership activated

Note: you need to cancel your monthly subscription before ending of the month so that Microsoft cannot charge your credit card for next month

Get a bonus with Xbox console

You can also get a bonus with new Xbox console when you purchase the first time. Look for different offer present when you are going to buy Xbox console for the first time. There are many Game titles which will be given complimentary to new Xbox console, and you can also receive complimentary free Xbox live gold membership.

Activate Xbox live trial (if it is never used before)

If you or your family member own Xbox and it has never used for Xbox live account, then consider yourself lucky and get a one-month free trial of Xbox gold subscription. You have to follow these methods to get it done:

  • Open your Microsoft account using your Xbox console
  • Navigate to the subscription page
  • Add your or family member valid credit card details
  • Enter your current address in the field provided
  • Follow on-screen instruction and check your subscription page again
  • Your account will be activated with one-month free Xbox gold subscription
  1. With GPT websites

There are many GPT website which provides free Xbox gold membership codes without human verification by performing small jobs. You should register with this GPT website and can get free Xbox gift cards.

How do these GPT websites work?

GPT means “get paid to,” which means you, will be getting paid to some coins or points for doing some task. These coins or point when accumulated can be redeemed to get desired digital gift cards such as Xbox gift cards or Amazon gift cards or Google play cards.

What types of the task this GPT website usually undertake?

Task usually depends on the website and its affiliation with the product. But normally all of them give coins for performing these tasks

  • Watching video ads
  • Playing the game and reaching a certain level in the game
  • Completing small survey
  • Buying small items or product or apps using their affiliate link
  • Installing apps or different games
  • Giving an opinion on different products
  • Sending emails to prospect clients
  • Checking online product and putting remarks in their comment section
  • Playing wheel of fortune or other game was given on the website
  • Log in daily to get bonus
  • Referring website to your friends


Top 5 GPT website which pays

We have tested many websites and found most of them are fake and will forfeit your points or coins after your complete all task. So, here is legit top 5 GPT website which pays gift card when your points reach certain levels.

  • Swagbucks
  • Dealspotr
  • Quickrewards
  • Globaltestmarket
  • PrizeRebel
  1. With GPT apps

There are many GPT apps which are working very well, and they pay you after you reach certain levels. These GPT apps work same as GPT website and give coins or points for performing small jobs. Some of the tasks you need to do in these GPT apps are as follows:

  • Watching video ads
  • Installing the game and reaching certain levels
  • Buying items or apps from their affiliate links
  • Completing small survey
  • Giving your valuable opinion on a certain product
  • Referring your friends to these apps
  • Daily login rewards points
  • Playing small games present in the app itself

Top 5 GPT apps which give Xbox live gold card

You should consider using these apps which pay for your accumulated points. Some of GPT apps are given below:

  • GrabPoints apps
  • AppKarma
  • FeaturePoints
  • FreeMyApps
  • AppBounty
  1. With online generator website

We have checked numerous websites and found out all website is a scam, they try to install some malicious .exe into your system and tries to compromise your system. For this particular reason, we check the entire website which tries to gives legit Xbox live gold code membership card. We have found one legit 100% working code, which also has a reference in Reddit forum. Check the below link for that website

(note: this website generate legit 100% working free Xbox live gift cards)

Final words

You can always check all the method given here to get free Xbox live code. If you are not getting any working code, then you can try the online generator website link given in the article. Happy gaming!

how to get 1000 free Instagram follwers

1000 Free Followers On Instagram Without Survey

Get Free Instagram Followers by using this service; you will get instant auto free Instagram follower without survey or any extra efforts.

Getting Instagram Followers is now easy by using this automated tool. Free IG followers are available here, just login this website and get followers.

If you want to get free Instagram likes, then you are in the right place to get instant auto follower on your Instagram account. You can see huge Instagram followers, and Photo likes on your Instagram photos.

This is 100% free service; you don’t need to share your Instagram login detail. Just use Instagram access token to get a login on our Instagram followers tool.

How to get free Instagram followers?

Getting Instagram followers is very comfortable with the tool, you can easily get instant followers and can increase your Instagram likes in just a few clicks.
Using this tool is easy, anybody can get followers by using this tool. Just follow below steps to get followers.

This is an Instagram followers and likes exchange site where you can get instant followers on your account. Follow below steps to use this tool.

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Once you get logged in, you can get follower in just one click. If you have trouble to use it, then you can watch a video to learn it.

Why Use This Service?

Everyone wants huge followers on Instagram, and this is the best tool to gain Free Instagram followers without survey or any login access detail. You can increase your online fame on Instagram by using this tool get unlimited followers on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the top most popular photo sharing social media if you are a social media expert and provides social media traffic; then you should use this automated tool which will ease your task.

Yes, you can increase your social traffic from Instagram by using this tool. You can gain Followers and Likes on Photos.


100% Free: This is 100% free website where you can gain real followers on your account without a single penny.

It is very popular and best way to gain Instagram followers; You should try this amazing free tool.

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Steps to use service

  1. First of all get Instagram access token
  2. Now, Copy the full URL of Access Token
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  4. Now, you get login led & choose the service Auto Follower or auto liker
  5. Choose auto follower for Instagram Followers and click on get Instagram followers button
  6. Choose auto liker to get Instagram photos likes and click on submit button below your Instagram Photos

Watch below video to see how to get Free Instagram Followers and Likes on Instagram.

Get more Instagram followers by using this tool and get popularity on Instagram, If someone asks how to get more Instagram followers then you can share this website to get Free IG followers.

Watch the video to know how is it work and how you can get free Instagram followers instantly. You don’t need to follow other manually; this tool will perform all the activities.


Free Amazon Gift Card Code Generator [New List]

“There is no such point as no cost unless of course, the point in question is devoid of worth.”

These words came from Christopher Penn, advertising and marketing and media leader. It is quite seldom that you can uncover anything at all of the value that is no cost. Have you noticed how the word “free” can catch the interest of 1000′s of individuals?

Attempt posting a “ free ” sign over your utilized and undesirable clothes in your backyard; it will be gone by the finish of the day. If you are offered an opportunity to shop for totally free would you grab it?

Some individuals would not even think that this is feasible. However, only on Amazon can you do this. There are so numerous web sites these days that offer free Amazon gift cards.

Amazon gift card is a prepaid card with a quantity allotted to it which you can use to buy various products at Amazon. These cards can be created accessible freely. Even though some web sites are confirmed to be sure other people are just scams.

Discovering out which ones can be trusted requires a long time and the danger involved is high. With smooth actions and a small of your time, you can purchase free Amazon gift card code list for you to go purchase on Amazon for free of charge.

Following registering in these web sites, you can begin answering surveys and give feedback concerning goods and solutions to particular businesses.

They offer value to your opinions simply because this is a implies for bettering their business. In return, you will be offered entirely free Amazon gift cards.

Read Also : Get Free Google Play Codes To Access Anything In Google Play Store

The frequency of logging into the would also give you gift cards in Amazon for totally free. As you use their search engine, the browser pays the site a particular quantity.

These web sites also present many income producing possibilities like referrals of your close friends or household to do on the internet purchasing. You earn what ever points your friend gets.

Joining in their different contests would also reward you points that can give you no cost Amazon gift cards. Yes, it’s as easy as that! You can even earn points even though playing on the internet with other members.

Certainly, there is no such point as free of charge unless of course, it is of no worth. With internet sites that you can count on, the enough point that is entirely free is of wonderful worth! With your free Amazon gift cards, you can go purchase to your heart’s delight.


Get Free Google Play Codes To Access Anything In Google Play Store

I will show you How simple is to receive free google play codes gift cards from givemegiftcodes. The market is flooded with Android devices and Android users. Most of these android users are on Google Play because they can download latest movies, music, books, games and other apps.

Thus, if you are an Android user, it is evident that you would like to have a great experience of the store so that you can get access to whatever you want.

However, you might often have to pay money for getting games or your favorite app from Google Play. In addition to that, you might also be pissed off with the ads. In such a context, free Google play gift codes are the ideal solution for you.

Free Google Play Codes Download Now !!

Feel The Difference with our site and other sites fake google play codes

Well, when you get access to the codes, you can utilize it for plenty of reasons. You can purchase some excellent tools, or you can even use it to remove ads from your favorite apps. This is a unique feature that you can get for free.

You can get access to the codes through Google play gift card that will enable you to feel the difference. In fact, you can make use of the code so that you can get access to lots of things absolutely for free.

Availability is limited so get your free google play credits now

Initially, you might wonder about the exact source of these codes. There are scores of sites that offer Google play gift  codes. However, the most important thing that you have to verify is whether these are available for free.

This is because there are some sites that might ask you something in return to give you the codes. On the other hand, you might also get completely for free. You will have to investigate well so that you can get the real working sites for gift codes.

Unique And Working:

It is usual that, when you search for google play redeem codes to download your preferred games for free, you would like to get codes that are unique and unused. In this context, you will have to look for a reliable site.

Such a site will ensure that they offer you the best codes so that you can utilize it for any purpose you want. However, you need to understand that these codes are limited. Thus, the sites will offer you a limited period within which you should obtain your codes.

Following Easy Steps:

Once you find a site for free codes, it is time to free Google play redeem codes. There are only a few easy and simple steps that you need to follow to redeem your codes.

You will get instructions mentioned on the site, and you will have to move according to the directions. You will have to choose your car amount and download the file in your device.

Following this, you can redeem these cards so that you can enjoy them to the fullest for any purpose that you want. This will give you great fun and enjoyment, and you will love it.


How To Get Free Nintendo Wii U – Easy Steps

To get a free Nintendo Wii u is not always an option.  You may be on a budget, have other bills to take care of or just don’t like the game that is out.  With the internet at your fingertips, there’s no reason why you get a free Nintendo Wii u.  With famous games as Zelda Ocarina of time and Super Mario 64, We have all grown up and loved Nintendo franchises.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Nintendo Wii  U is one of the unique, unusual and affordable gaming systems to every hit the market.  No matter your age, young or old, it has picked up fans from all walks of life and continues to make Nintendo profitable in this fast growing world. If you are the lucky owner of a Nintendo Wii U console, we want to show a simple way to get a free Nintendo Wii U that you can redeem.

Since the Wii  U is over two years old, many gamers aren’t sure what games and feature the system has. With Nintendo going with the Name WII U has caused confusion among buyers.  Here we will make it simple and easy and show you how to get a free Nintendo Wii U it easy by showing you many options.


Option #1 – Surveys

Your 1st  option is to search for sites that advertise having “free Nintendo Wii u.“ There are lots to pick from out there. However, there are some things you need to remember before you hit that redeem offer option

Many companies are paid by an advertiser to conduct surveys for market and research. Participation is usually required, and your email address is most often asked for.  Sites suck as quiz points let you earn points for free gift cards,  and other prizes for taking surveys, shopping, and doing some research online.

Why not get paid for everything you already do online?

To also add when you are completing shopping and offer, inviting your friends or sharing the site also gets you free points to use. With referrals and Surveys, they are a quick and easy way to collect points!

Please keep in mind with participation you are sometimes asked to try a product or trial of a product before you get a free Nintendo Wii U. In the long wrong it’s worth it, and in no time you will have that free Nintendo Wii.

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