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Clash Of Clans Cheats – 6 Steps To Progress Faster

Nowadays, Mobile strategy games are at their peak of craziness regarding addiction. One such Popular game, Clash of Clans, lets the users raid other villages with armies of wizards, barbarians, and dragons.

It is free in the app store. It’s quite fun to be in the game leaderboards as it makes you look cool in front of your friends and helps you brag. In this Post, I am going to help you in getting on the clash of clans leaderboard easily. Just follow the following tips and cheats: Clash of Clans Tips & Cheats

1. Get to know which resources you are going to raid.

During the Multiplayer Battle, certain item drill locations can help you provide a certain percentage of resources.

  • Like, 20% of whatever stored in the gold/elixir storage (up to 198,000),
  • 100% of whatever stored in the Town Hall,
  • 50% of whatever stored in the gold/elixir collectors,
  • 5% of the Dark Elixirs collected in the Dark Elixir Storage (up to 2,000).

If your town hall level is greater than your enemies level, the overall possible loot is decreased. But If your town hall level is weaker than your enemies level, the loot amount you get will be considerably larger.

2. Build a bunch of walls to defend your base.

You will soon get access to wooden walls, at a lower level. They are not much useful in defense against High-level barbarians.Now, what you need to aim for is to upgrade these wooden walls to level 3 as soon as you can.

The strongest defense is made up of these walls, so make sure to buy all the walls which are available on your level. Also, make sure to left no Entry path for the enemy. Make them struggle to break down your wall before they happen to enter your territory.

3. This is a clever Farming trick.

Lower your trophies to under 200 and arm it with goblins. To find an enemy, Clash of Clans algorithm use your amount of trophies. In this way, you can use their match-making system to your benefit by lowering your trophies to get easy opponents. You would use fewer troops as well because the loot is going to be less this way.

4. If even, you end a battle prematurely, make sure to keep your trophies.

Remember, Your trophies will be with you as long as you don’t cast any spells or deploy any troops.

5. When you reach three stars on the friendly victory achievement, you get three stars.

And it’s quite easy to achieve. You can start searching for town halls in the villages, starting from even level 6. It guarantees you some trophies and stars to take out such buildings.

6. while your defenses are broken if you get attacked by the attackers, you need to get back there to defend fast. You can dispense damage to the opposing raid party by making use of the revenge option.

These were some of the most beneficial tips and cheats which can help you level up in Clash of Clans. For more practical suggestions, and for getting better, like a pro, at Clash of Clans, Get the Exclusive Clash of Clans Guide.

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